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Hustle App is designed to reward you for participating in fitness and staying healthy. Earn bonus token rewards for helping others to stay fit & healthy through group fitness and exercise.

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The Hustle App provides solutions to motivate and reward you on your path to fitness.


The HUSTLE project through its "HUSTLE APP" will improve motivation by connecting like-minded people together.


Tokens earned will continually accumulate. They can be converted to alternative crypto currency using the in-app swap.


All HUSL users can request professional trainers through the App. All the featured professional trainers are nationally certified to ensure you are receiving the best training possible.


Daily challenges will also be given. These challenges will be offered for all skill levels from novice to advanced.


The HUSTLE App connects its users to other users in their geographical location. It can also connect them to several fitness professionals, colleagues, dietitians and local fitness centers.


Through Social Media sharing within the app, users can join forces by providing the option to find an exercise partner or group. This helps to provide motivation and accountability for one another which helps to ensure a successful fitness result.


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Our app connects you with professional trainers, professional athletes and healthy food providers to assist you with your training & diet in order to attain your goals.

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The Hustle App is available in the Android and IOS based applications and will be followed by use on all smart watches using Android or IOS. The app is backed by top fitness and cryptocurrency leaders in the market. The Hustle App is a TOTALLY FREE app with no memberships or fees and designed to reward users for exercising and training.

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Fiitness & Blockchain Technology

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Meet Our Top Executives

Drake Blankenship

Drake Blankenship

Co-founder / President
Keith Blankenship

Keith Blankenship

Co-founder / COO


Runners, walkers and bikers alike can track their miles and projected goals. They can also keep record of preplanned tracks and road runs.

Diet And Nutrition

The husle app helps set diet plans depending on the user goals. Meals can easily be created and tracked along with calorie counting if required.


The hustle app has programs ranging from simple to advanced. You have endless opportunities across your country and around the world to use various of our partner finess centers.


Yoga and Meditation is also offered to help with both physical and mental well-being of users.

Fitness Centers

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